Airless Packaging

Stop pollution, stabilized formulation, save highly active ingredients.

CICA Herbal Extract Serum

A non-sticky supple texture supplies repairing effect to damaged skin. Herbal extracts re-energies skin, as well as prevents premature aging signs. Keeps skin radiant and healthy.

24K Gold Reviving Gel Mask-White

This gel mask could provide moisturizing, correcting dark spots, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging multi-functions. It has nice fragrance and good texture with luxurious look.

Lift Anti Aging Serum

With lightweight, lotion-like texture, makes signs of ageing melt away and wrinkles be erased. High concentrated Herbal extracts and Peptides allows skin to revive youth and firmness. This wonderful super cream providing a super all-in-one solution to solve all skin's aging problems.

Scalp revitalizing serum

This scalp serum suitible for all skin type including insentive one. It can stimulate the growth of low-growth hair by activating the micro-circulation and has antipruritic and anti-inflamation efficacy. As the innovative ingredient Capixyl™ ,which could also prevent and resist hair loss situation effectively.

Lavender Body Cream

This body cream has lavender soothing fragrance which could bring you one more beautiful day! As this cream consist of Shea butter, Lavender soothing extract, and Amisol Trio™ moisturizing high-tech ingredient which could keep from water-losing situation and reconstruct skin barrier function.

Make Up Packaging

Harmony of fashion, luxury and technology. We offer great solutions for your brand differentiation.

Cosmeceutical Packaging

Desigend as pen shape, offers professional sence & real pleasure when applying cosmetics

Opal Glass Packaging

Advanced production of opal glass technique delivers exquisite, jade-like reflection of high quality.

Skin Care Packaging

We focus on the development of heavy-bottomed glass, ice through real noble texture, rich appearance treatment process.

Features: Thick base and thick wall flint glass. Opal (white color by nature) white glass, Colored glass.

Aromatherapy Packaging

Essential Oil Bottle
Made in Germany high quality, regular stock for quick delivery. The beautiful cobalt blue color offers excellent UV barrier and well protects your products. We provide easy solution for your aromatherapy products: essential oil, massage oil, natural or highly active skincare products.

Closure & Accessory

A "touching" creativity without limits!

Features: No need to development the mold, to achieve three-dimensional carving techniques.
Compliance on injected PP surface.